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About Us

At Bento, we work towards exploring new techniques that will make kids understand the topic clear and neat. Our aim is to create interest in kids mind to acquire new learning concepts without much hard work i.e., learn the concept in a easy way method.

Our DVDs help them acquire knowledge, discover new things, think creative, while watching the program. We working hard to make every kid should understand the concept quickly as possible.

We are the publishers of High Quality Educational Products in India, Famous Singers like Mrs.Usha Uthup, S.P.B, Vani Jairam, P.Susheela,Manika vinayakam, pusphpavanam Kuppuswamy, Mano, Uni Menon,Anuradha Sriram, Magathy, T.L.Maharajan,Veeramani Raju,Malathi,Chinna Ponnu, Velmurugan etc.

Titles ranging from Educational to regional oriented.

Languages we covered are Kannada, English, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Hindi and Tamil.

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